Find HOPE through Connection

Find HOPE through Connection

Find HOPE through Connection

Loneliness is an epidemic in this i generation. With the smart phones we can get access to more information than ever before.

We can connect in the cyber world while never leaving our home. Texting, Messaging, Facebooking, Snapchatting, FaceTime, Zooming, are all great tools to communicate. Yet why are so many (1 in 5) suffering from loneliness?

These tools should never take the place of true connecting.

Connecting means being seen, heard and valued – regularly. We can try to strive for it through our posts and emotional emoji pictures, but to feel real connection, we need to spend time together.

We need to make connecting a priority to combat loneliness. Seek out family, friends and a community to share our lives with on a routine basis.

That’s why going to Church every Sunday is a great priority to set. Connecting with like minded believers, gathering, praying together, receiving encouragement, and being built up. Recognizing the HOPE we all have in Christ. Looking forward to eternity.

Our greatest HOPE comes from our connection with God. Prioritizing a relationship with the Godhead – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In worship, prayer, obedience, and LOVE!