Family Grace – Support Group

Family Grace Support Group – Living Resilient and Renewed

Loving our family members, close friends or co-workers who are dealing with addictions or mental illness including depression, mania, anxiety, paranoia, and personal traumas.

Together we will confidentially:

  • share resources to help during times of crisis surrounding your loved one
  • join together to create a circle of hope and support which includes navigating the medical system, advice, options, putting security in place, believing for a better future, building positive experiences, empowering and encouraging self-sufficiency
  • find methods of coping under the challenges and learning how prioritize your self care with your loved one’s needs
  • find ways to control what seems uncontrollable – setting boundaries
  • recognize we are not the hero – it doesn’t hinge on us
  • understand our uniqueness and value

Interested?  We would love to have a conversation with you before inviting you to join our group.  Please contact us.  Contact